Benefits of ACCA Distance Learning Course Over Classroom Lectures

Student having full time jobs & internships can flexibly study at their own timings without missing ACCA classes. ACCA distance learning course enables student to study and complete his/her Practical Experience Requirements (PER) at the same time. Thus, reducing the time taken to become an ACCA member.

Student can save traveling time & cost. Students can allocate more time to studying rather than traveling and subsequent resting.

Student living in remote areas can acquire quality education without leaving their home comfort.

Student can learn at their own pace. In traditional classroom environment slow learners may find it difficult to grab understanding of concepts. ACCA distance learning course allows slow learners to learn at their own pace.

Student can ask questions freely without any peer pressure. In traditional classroom environment, most students usually feel reluctant to ask questions because of peer pressure.

Student can receive well considered and in-depth answer to their questions as ACCA distance learning course is not limited to fixed hours, say 40 hrs, as in case of ACCA classroom lectures/classes. In traditional classroom environment, lecturers have to complete course within limited time allocated to them by administration department.

In traditional classroom environment, student may not get fair chance to ask questions to tutor as there may be 1 lecturer for 30 t0 50 or more students. In addition, ability to interact with other students depends on sitting arrangement. ACCA distance learning course provides guaranteed replies to each questions asked and enables student to surely get an understanding of relevant subject matter before exam. ACCA distance learning course is not limited number of hours as traditional classroom lectures. In addition, ACCA distance learning enables students to interact with other students across the globe.

ACCA distance learning courses are much cheaper than traditional classroom lectures which costs greater than £400. ACCA distance learning courses with tutor support costs up to £195. ACCASUPPORT.COM provides extensive one-to-one tutor support including help with solving past papers questions for just (£395, £195, £130) £49.99/paper. In addition, ACCASUPPORT.COM provides free trial via free forums.

Free trial is particularly important as it will allow students to get satisfied with the    ACCA distance learning course process. Student can be certain about the quality and timing of replies. ACCA student can also determine ACCA distance learning course for suitability depending on his/her learning style, communication skills, interpersonal skills, travelling time & cost, study timings, job & social responsibilities etc.

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