FAQs for ACCA Distance Learning Course

Do i need to install and use any specialized software for Distance Learning?

ACCA distance learning course do require any software installation or learning its use. Student need to be able to send/receive eMails, post messages at forums (optional) and view/download short videos, images, pdf, doc, txt files.

Student can get support using instant messaging services such as skype, facebook chat, msn & yahoo messenger for questions require more than one corresponding when Murtaza Lanewala is online or get time for instant messaging.

Student who have access to mobile device with internet connection will be able receive support from anywhere. Those students do not have PDF reader on mobile device can access ACCA Study Text eBook online through internet browser.

I am not a native English speaker. How you offer ACCA distance learning support in other languages?

Distance learning course is available in Urdu/Hindi in addition to English (US & UK) language. 

Student do not need to write in Urdu/Hindi Characters; he/she can simply write in Roman English as follows.


“I did not understand business process redesign”

Roman English:

“Mujhe Business Process Redesign Samajh Me Nahi Aaya”

How long it will take to receive response?

Student will receive replies to eMail or Post from few minutes to 24 hrs depending on detail of answer and format (video, image, text)  in which answer will be given. It will enable student to build understanding of concepts to effectively study on next day.

Who will provide me distance learning support?

Murtaza Lanewala author of ACCA Study Text eBook will provide direct support to student. It is essential to have only one person provide you support as he/she will be aware of prior conversations, which will prevent you providing same details and read same answers more than once.

Is ACCA distance learning course affordable?

ACCA Distance Learning Course is much cheaper than both traditional classroom courses and distance learning courses available online.

Students can purchase distance learning package 1 and can subsequently upgrade to distance learning package 2.

Can i carry forward payment to next exam session or change exam paper?

Yes, student can defer payment to next exam session providing that ACCASUPPORT.COM receives application earlier of:

  • 7 days from exam results;
  • 15 days from the date student subscribed for distance learning course.

Student need to email ACCASUPPORT.COM mentioning the transaction ID or invoice number and in case of change of exam paper, name of exam paper to which student want to switch in addition to transaction ID or invoice number.

This option can exercised only 1 time for each subscription.

Can i have refund of payment?

Yes, student can have refund of payment regardless of any reason providing that ACCASUPPORT.COM receives application earlier of:

  • 7 days from exam results;
  • 15 days from the date student subscribed for distance learning course or
  • less than 3 support responses received relevant to exam paper syllabus.
IMPORTANT: payment will be refunded after deducting transaction charges which is $1 + 7% of invoice price. Student are advised to defer payment, if student intends to receive in subsequent exam session.

Do ACCASUPPORT.COM receive any financial benefit from students participating in free forums?

No, free forums available are to facilitate distance learners to interact and exchange information from large number of students worldwide than just from students subscribed at ACCASUPPORT.COM. Subscribed students will receive guaranteed and timely replies until they pass their exam. Moreover, subscribed students will receive help with solving past paper questions. Students using free forums can benefit from replies posted.

Subscribers will be identified from the eMail address. It is recommended that you use same eMail address in order form that student intends to use for distance learning.

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