ACCA Distance Learning Vs ACCA Classes in Classroom


ACCA student can decide the time to allocate to his/her for studying ACCA paper.

ACCA distance learning provides one to one tutor support at all times rather than only during class timings.

ACCA distance learning allows students to ask unlimited number of question until you completely grasp the understanding of concepts without feeling owkward among fellow students.

ACCA tutor will spend time as long as necessary explaining without the rest of the class becoming impatient.

ACCA student can support in variety of communication format such as text, images & videos to throughly grasp the understanding of concepts, rather than just verbal explanation by classroom tutor, which ACCA student may not ask to explain again.

Spend more time on topics which need more attention and avoid spending time uncessarily  on topics to which you are already confortable. You do not need to wait until fellow students get understanding of the topic as well.

ACCA student can study comfortably study from home having the room temperature and sitting arrangement of his/her choice.

No travelling time & expense and child care expenses.

No need to ask for leave in order to attend ACCA classes or skip your ACCA classes, to aviod threat to loss of job.

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