ACCA Exam tips for Paper F4 English

1 Criminal law, civil law and arbitration (D07), or
hierarchy of the UK courts

2 Distinguish offer, acceptance, invitation

3 Terms, representations, express and implied (J09)

4 Directors appointment and removal or,
directors ultra vires acts and the affect on company contracts

5 Meetings, AGMs, OGMs, Class (Pilot)

6 Agency, rights and duties of agent and / or principal

7 Corporate governance: rights, duties and role of auditors (D07)

8 Scenario question covering offer, counter offer, goods in shop window (D07)

9 Distinguish between different securities received as an inheritance by a person who has little or no knowledge of company

10 Fraudulent and wrongful trading (D09), or
the effects of trading without a trading certificate

ACCA Exam tips for Paper F4 Global

Q1 Criminal law / civil law / arbitration Q1D07

Q2 Offer / acceptance / invitation Q2J08, Q2J12

Q3 Agency: express, implied, ostensible Q4D11

Q4 Promoters and pre-incorporation contracts Q4J11

Q5 Incoterms (2 new ones + ExW) SA article

Q6 Lifting the veil Q4J08

Q7 Arbitration advantages and disadvantages Q2J09, Q1D11

or Advantages and disadvantages of trading as a limited company –

Q8 Sale of goods scenario:
passing of risk, or Q3J08, Q8D09, Q7J11
buyer’s remedies on seller’s breach Q3D10

or Meetings: annual, other, class Q6 pilot paper

Q9 Treasury shares –

Q10 Wrongful trading, trading without a trading certificate Q10D09

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