ACCA Exam tips for Paper F5

1 Activity Based Costing

2 Linear Programming

3 Budgeting – mainly written

4 Mix and yield variances

5 Non-financial performance measures

ACCA Exam tips for Paper F7

Q1 Consolidated Statement of Financial Position AND Statement of Income, mid-year acquisition, share for share exchange, nci
value based on share price, fair value upward adjustments, intra-group sales and pups, goodwill impairment

Q2 Statements of Financial Position, Income AND Changes in Equity, list of balances, problems with revenue recognition
(consignment goods), inventory adjustment, TNCA revaluation, depreciation straight line and reducing balance, loan interest
accrual, tax provision and deferred tax movement

Q3 20 mark cash flow (last time there was a question WITHOUT interpretation was December 2011) with a part b) 5 mark chat

Q4 15 mark question covering 2 or 3 IAS with short, relatively straight-forward calculations. Possibles? Could be anything,
but here are 3 wild guesses:-
subsequent events, leasing and borrowing costs. As an alternative guess, short discussion about the re-introduction of
“prudence” into The Framework

Q5 10 mark question – could be something like development expenditure, complex depreciation question or (relatively easy)
earnings per share

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