ACCA FAB, F1, P3 What is Intranets, Extranets Internet


Intranets are network of workstations (PCs) who share information within limited area such as office floors or neighborhood buildings. Several workstations are connected through a high performance computer called web server. Web server acts as a regulator of intranet, which has ability to allow or disallow access to information stored in its hard drive in the form of database and files. Several hardware and software are required to establish intranet such networking cables or wireless technology such as bluetooth or WiFi, hubs, intranet server software (Windows server 2008), database management software (My SQL, Ms Access) and intranet browsers, which is same as internet browsers.


Extranet is similar to intranets in its basics but its scope is wider than intranet. It allow outsiders such as suppliers and customers to have access to information and update information stored in a database when required. Extranet also connects the various intranets. Extranet can be used within the city or country depending on the communication network available such as wireless signals. Ordinary cable connections are not suitable for establishing extranets. Common example of extranets is supermarket where computer at point of sale is connected with supplier’s computer and its own intranet. So the supplier access to information on sales demand, stock level etc. Supplier automatically gets purchase order based on predefined inventory level.


Internet is largest and complex form of network. Internet connects all the intranet, extranets and workstations to form the global network known as internet. Websites are the information banks saved on web server, which allows visitors access to its hard drive containing files or web pages with the permission of its owner. Various intermediaries are involved in information sharing process like your ISP (internet service provider), information which you demand by typing specific URL (universal resource locator) is passed through your ISPs high performance computer, which has control over what you can access or not.

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