FAQs for ACCA Qualification Potential Candidates

What is ACCA?

ACCA is the professional accountancy qualification, which head office is located in Glasgow, UK.

What is the scope of ACCA qualification?

ACCA is the world largest professional accountancy body with over 450,000 students and over 160,000 members. ACCA qualification is globally recognised in 170 countries around the world.

ACCA is the member of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants).

ACCA is also RSB (Recognised Supervisory Body) in UK for the purpose of undertaking audit work.

ACCA is equivalent to Masters degree in UK.

ACCA has partnership with Oxford Brookes University, which allows ACCA students to obtain B.SC applied accounting degree subject to fulfillment of some requirements on completion of ACCA fundamental level papers.

ACCA student can also earn Oxford Brookes University Global MBA after becoming ACCA member. ACCA affiliates are not allowed.

How to become ACCA qualified?


Pass 12 compulsory papers and 2 optional papers out of 4

Total 14 papers out of 16 ACCA paper

On completion of 14 papers, ACCA students will be become ACCA affiliate.

PER Practical Experience Requirement

3 years or 36 months of  full time or equivalent part time practice experience in any public or private sector profit or not for profit organization such as sole proprietorship, partnership or firm, company.

9 compulsory performance objective and 4 optional out of 11 objectives

Total 13 out 20 Performance Objectives.

On completion of 14 ACCA papers and PER. ACCA affiliate will become ACCA member.

What are the eligibility requirements or entry routes to ACCA qualification?

  1. Mature student entry route minimum of 21 years age
  2. FIA Foundation in Accountancy
  3. A levels (Minimum grade E) or equivalent (Minimum pass marks 50%)
  4. Bachelar degree minimum 2 years

What much ACCA qualification will cost?

  1. Initial registration fee (valid for 10 years)
  2. Annual subscription fee
  3. Exam fee per paper

ACCA study materials (not payable to ACCA)

ACCA tuition fees (not payable to ACCA)

What are the ACCA fees payable?

What is the ACCA registration and exam entry deadline?

ACCA registration fee is only payable on long with registration application.

ACCA annual subscription is payable each year in advance including the year of registration.

ACCA annual subscription and exam fees are subject to increase as per the rate of inflation in UK.

How to Long it will take to Pass All 14 Paper of ACCA qualification?

ACCA qualification requires minimum of 2 years to complete all 14 ACCA papers to become ACCA affiliate. ACCA students doing training or internship on concurrent basis will require minimum of 3 years to become ACCA member.

ACCA exams are held twice per year in June and December. CBE exams can be given any time during the year. Only knowledge module papers can be given via CBE.

ACCA exams will be held on assessment centers in each city or country. ACCA student may have to travel to other city or even country to reach an assessment center.

ACCA student can sit for up to 4 papers in one exam session including those previously attempted.

ACCA qualification is divided into Fundamental and Professional level. Fundamental level has knowledge and skills module.

All knowledge module papers must be attempted before attempting skills module papers. ACCA papers in particular module can be taken in any order without following any sequence.

All fundamental level papers must be attempted before attempting professional level papers.

All compulsory papers must be attempted before attempting optional papers.

Where do i apply for ACCA registration?

You can apply for ACCA registration both online and visiting national or regional office. Online registration is faster than offline registration. Contact details of ACCA national offices can be obtained from ACCA Global official website


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