Dear students,

This post is written to address to issues faced by students on deciding which qualifications to pursue. It is very subjective issue as it depends on individual reward, interest, budget, prior knowledge and esteem value. But as far as reward is concerned there is poor co-relation exists between reward and qualification because other factors are also important such as experience, performance (ethics, hardworking, honesty, general intelligence, reliability and dependability) and negotiation skills.

So do not afraid to negotiate your salary or stipends with your potential employer. It does not means that you ask for salary like a shopkeeper selling clothes to ladies, instead you should do your homework and ask for reasonable amount of salary, preferably at the upper end for the salary paid for the role you are applying for in particular industry such as audit firms and financial service industries. According to one research, individuals who do not bargain or negotiate their salaries lose millions of bucks in their life time. If you negotiate your salary, then it will be appreciated by the employer and increase your chances of getting employed but please be reasonable when demanding salary or stipend. Employer will always try to hire employee at lowest salary as possible. It does not matter that you have passed ACCA, ICAP, MBA, M.COM, M.A, CIMA, ICMA, ICAEW, CPA, CFA.

What employer wants is highly skilled and experienced employees at lowest cost possible. I have given many many interviews not to get employed but to get understanding of how recruitment process works. You should also do the same, it will help you keep your mental anxiety down when are interviewed at the time when you actually need the job. So the gist of the argument is that you should not focus on qualification rather you should focus on knowledge, skills and experience. So do not waist your hard earned money in collecting bulk of paper-backed certificates rather spend your money in gaining knowledge, skills and experience. As i said earlier, i have given many many interviews, but none of the employers have told me to bring your certificates or scrutinized my certificates at the interview.

Please! Comment, if you agree or disagree with my understanding of recruitment process. If you agree, then please share this post.

P.S. Also do not let your potential employer know that you have other sources of income and other members earning in your family. In addition, they will put you in ethical dilemma, so always behave ethically no matter you consider that it will result in failure of job interview.

Thank you,
Murtaza Lanewala
Founder, CEO, Writer & Tutor.

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