ACCA P5 Exam Tips by BPP
Q1: section A (50 marks) contains one compulsory question. In recent exam Q1 has often required a significant level of data analysis using numerical techniques, eg KPIs, EVA. Any numerical techniques in this paper (eg transfer pricing, ratios, residual income, analysis of quality related costs, ABC) need to be mastered to prepare yourself for this question.

Performance management frameworks (eg Balanced Scorecard) are also commonly tested in Q1. The balanced scorecard and the buildings blocks are due to be tested.

Q2-4: In section B (2 25 mark questions from a choice of 3) commonly tested areas include quality management, information reporting (eg CSFs and KPIs), the application of strategic models (such as PEST, Porter’s % forces, the Value chain), HR frameworks (eg reward & appraisal systems) and risk management.

Keep checking the ACCA website for articles in the lead up to exam, these are often tested.

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