ACCA Distance Learning Training Course via Skype & Forum & ACCA Books


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ACCA / FIA F1 / FAB, F2 / FMA, F3 / FFA, F5, F7, F9, P1, P2, P3, P4 & P5 Distance Learning Training Courses.

when you are doing self study or distance learning at home, it is essential to have someone to provide support when you get stuck. Therefore, we provide you support for ACCA / FIA papers at most economical price compared to other training or tuition providers such as Kaplan, BPP, LSBF, ATC, Emile Woolf etc.



  • Use existing study materials you have already brought or free ACCA eBooks (Study Texts, Revision Kits, Passcards), Videos downloaded or you are satisfied with of other publishers such as LSBF, Kaplan, BPP, ATC, Emile Woolf etc.
  • Only pay for what you did not understand through self study / Distance Learning or want further clarification.
  • Choose from the range of packages suitable to your needs.
  • Guaranteed Reply within 24 hrs.
  • Buy Trail package to get satisfied with quality of support and distance learning process.
  • If you decide not to sit into exams in current session, you can brought forward your package with remaining support request to next exam session.
ACCA Distance Learning Support Price (ex VAT) Support Tickets Online Payment
Trial Package £2.20 / Paper 2 Checkout!
Revision Package £9.90 / paper 9 Checkout!
Basic Package £25 / paper 25 Checkout!
Value Package £45 / paper 50 Checkout!
Unlimited Package £75 / paper Unlimited Checkout!


  • Trial package can only be subscribed one time per ACCA paper.
  • Package fees are not transferable to other ACCA papers once you started sending support requests.


One 2 One Tutor Support

Tutor Support is available through Discussion Board (recommended) and Skype. You will receive replies in the form of text, images, videos depending on the suitability of format for tutorial purpose. In addition, You can get a time to chat with me (Murtaza Lanewala) on Facebook by leaving a message.

You can ask one question any number of times until you get thorough understanding of the problem area without worrying about anyone would laugh, tease, taunt etc. Similarly, you do not need to wait until others get understand as well. You can also benefit from questions asked by other students just like classroom environment.

You can get support from anywhere and receive feedback in variety of formats (Text, Images, Audio/Video) for better understanding, which is not possible in traditional classroom environment.

I (Murtaza Lanewala) will reply you within 24 hrs. Timing of replies depends on detail and format of reply.

Technical Support

Technical support will be available for you to effectively interact with me (Murtaza Lanewala). I will support you in interacting with me and provide necessary tools, such as screen grabber tool, adobe acrobat 9 pro extended full version, Ms office enterprise edition 2010 full version, talking dictionary etc.

Both Tuition and technical support will be provided solely by me. Only one person responsible for providing complete distance learning support makes learning process easy and fast.

Free Trial

Free trial is particularly important as it will allow students to get satisfied with the quality of distance learning course. Student can be certain about the quality and timing of replies. Signup at forums to ask for support regarding the contents inside free ebook (see sidebar at right to download). On payment you will given password to access forums available for subscribers only.

Pass Guarantee

Pass Guarantee means student will continue to receive support, until they pass relevant exam, if unfortunately he/she does not obtain passing marks. Student expenditure on tuition fee for relevant paper will remain fixed/paper, which is the most significant expenditure (approx 2 times) higher than other expenditures exam fees, annual subscription, travelling etc. You do not need to pay the fee for same paper again.

Student need to provide the screenshot of exam result prominently showing First Name, Last Name, Exam Session Date & Marks for relevant paper.

FAQs for ACCA Distance Learning Course

Do i need to install and use any specialized software or equipment?

You do not need to install & learn any specialized software or buy new equipment. Just keyword board and mouse will suffice. You can also use mobile device to access forums, facebook group, email and read exam focused ACCA study text.

I am not a native English speaker?

ACCA distance learning course is available in Urdu/Hindi for ACCA Pakistan and India students in addition to English (US & UK) language. 

You do not need to write in Urdu/Hindi Characters; he/she can simply write in Roman English as follows.


“I did not understand business process redesign”

Roman English:

“Mujhe Business Process Redesign Samajh Me Nahi Aaya”

How long it will take to receive response?

You will receive replies within few minutes to 24 hrs depending on detail of answer and format (video, image, text) in which answer will be given.

Who will provide me support?

Murtaza Lanewala author of Exam Focused ACCA Study Text eBook will provide direct support to student. It is essential to have only one person provide you support as i will be aware of prior conversations, which will prevent you provide the same details again & again and provide better support as a result.

Is ACCA distance learning course affordable?

ACCA Distance Learning Course offered by me is much cheaper than both traditional classroom courses which costs more than £500/paper and distance learning courses online which costs more than £170/paper. ACCASUPPORT.COM provides extensive one-to-one tutor support including help with solving past papers questions for just £99.99/paper. In addition, ACCASUPPORT.COM provides free trial via forums.

ClickBank Vendor Account for Affiliate Marketers

Above ClickBank® Account Status shows the quality of services; both before and after sales services provided by ACCASUPPORT.COM to its members. Earnings and Number of students & downloads only shows quantity of services that could be due to rigorous marketing campiagns (free ipad, win prizes) rather than quality of services.

Do ACCASUPPORT.COM receive any financial benefit from students participating in free forums?

No, free forums are available to facilitate distance learners to interact and exchange information from large number of students worldwide than just from students subscribed for distance learning courses at ACCASUPPORT.COM. Subscribed students will receive guaranteed and timely replies until they pass their exam. Moreover, subscribed students will receive help with solving past paper questions.

Benefits of ACCA Distance Learning Course Over Classroom Lectures

Student having full time jobs & internships can flexibly study at their own timings without missing classes. Distance learning course enables student to study and complete his/her Practical Experience Requirements (PER) at the same time. Thus, reducing the time taken to become an ACCA member. You can learn at a time when you are rested and motivated rather than struggling you catch a class when you are tired.

You can save traveling time & cost. Students can allocate more time to studying rather than traveling and subsequent resting.

You living in remote areas can acquire quality education without leaving their home comfort.

You can learn at their own pace. In traditional classroom environment slow learners may find it difficult to grab understanding of concepts. Distance learning allows slow learners to learn at their own pace.

You can ask questions freely without any peer pressure. In traditional classroom environment, most students usually feel reluctant to ask questions because of peer pressure.

You can receive well considered and in-depth answer to your questions as distance learning Courses are not limited to fixed hours, say 40 hrs, as in case of classroom lectures. In traditional classroom environment, lecturers have to complete course within limited time allocated to them by administration department.

In traditional classroom environment, you may not get fair chance to ask questions to tutor as there may be 1 lecturer for 30 t0 50 or more students. In addition, ability to interact with other students depends on sitting arrangement. Distance learning course provides guaranteed replies to each questions asked and enables student to surely get an understanding of relevant subject matter before exam. Distance learning course is not limited to number of hours as traditional classroom lectures. In addition, distance learning enables students to interact with other students across the globe.

Exam Focused ACCA F2 Study Text eBook

ACCA F2 /FMA study text

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Exam Focused ACCA F5 Study Text eBook

ACCA F5 course notes

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Exam Focused ACCA F9 Study Text eBook

ACCA F9 class notes

  • Full ACCA F9 Study Text eBook (Pages: 394)
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Exam Focused ACCA P1 Study Text eBook

ACCA P1 Lecture Notes

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Exam Focused ACCA P3 Study Text eBook

ACCA P3 Distance Learning

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