Exam Focused ACCA F5 Study Text eBook for Distance Learning & Revision

ACCA Distance Learning Packages Benefits & How Does It Works

  • Is this not your first attempt? Or you want to pass your ACCA paper F5 in first attempt?
  • Are you confused between learning from study text and revision kit?
  • You do not have a time to read lengthy study text?
  • Do you want exam tips for how to prepare, gain easy marks, frequently examined topics etc?
  • Do you find traditional study text difficult to understand?
  • Do you find traditional study text boring to read?

Exam focused learning is the solution!

Why Exam Focused Learning

Syllabus & study guide is set by people other than the examiner, while exam paper is set by examiner. Examiner has no say in syllabus & study guide setting process. However, examiner is free to set exam paper from the syllabus areas. Some syllabus areas are of special interest to examiner than others that he/she frequently examines.

Traditional Learning vs Exam Focused Learning

Traditional Learning

  • Step 1: Start with learning from study text allocating time equally to each syllabus area or study guide outcome.
  • Step 2: Solve past paper questions after reading study text written to solve study guide outcomes.
  • Step 3: Know which syllabus areas are frequently examined, how it is examined and for how many marks.

Exam Focused Learning

  • Step 3: Know which syllabus areas are frequently examined, how they are examined and for how many marks.
  • Step 1: Start with learning from exam focused study text by allocating time wisely based on frequency and magnitude of the syllabus area or study guide outcome examined.
  • Step 2: Solve past paper questions after reading exam focused study text specially written to solve exam standard questions.

Benefits of Exam Focused Learning

  • Obtain information on verbs, examiners feedback on students past performance in the syllabus area before reading the study text. It will help you read particular topic keeping a purpose in mind to get the most out of reading.
  • Allocate time wisely based on frequency (years) and magnitude (marks) of the syllabus area examined for rather than allocating time equally.
  • Be able to solve past paper questions in first attempt doing exam focused learning better than traditional learning.
  • Learn according to the preferences and expectations of examiner rather those who set study guide.

Unfortunately, you may have other commitments such as family, job etc. So you do not have significant time required to go through traditional learning process as you did in the school or college. Therefore, i wrote exam focused study text that is easy to understand and interesting to read for distance learning students who do not attend classroom lectures or have enough time to go through traditional study text which is written to cover study guide rather than exam standard questions. Problems faced by ACCA students like you inspired me to write study material that is consistent with the objective of ACCA students that is passing the ACCA exam within reasonable time and effort in 1st attempt.

How to do Exam Focused Learning from Exam Focused ACCA F5 Study Text eBook

Past Paper Analysis:

You can use past paper analysis to get information on frequency (exam attempts) of syllabus areas examined.

Detailed Past Paper Analysis:

You can use it determine the depth and breadth of knowledge required, such as verbs (evaluate, list, discuss, explain etc) and marks for the examinable topic. You can also determine years and question number of the examinable topic is examined. It will enable you to find past paper question at ACCA website for that examinable topic you want to learn.

Examiner’s Guidance:

Examiner Guidance is the exam tips and hint given by examiner through various sources, such as examiner reports and comments (underperformed syllabus areas are likely to be examined again), student accountant (student accountant articles written by examiner) etc.

Authors Guidance:

Authors Guidance is the overview of the entire paper, such as key syllabus areas, what frame of mind is required to study and attempt the paper, what the paper is all about, what kind of knowledge is expected to be demonstrated in exam etc.

Exam Awareness:

Exam Awareness is the overview of the entire exam topics (chapter). It gives closer insight about the particular syllabus area or examinable topic, such as frequency and magnitude of the exam topic, % of discursive and numerical knowledge examined, pre-requisite knowledge required to learn the examinable topic and pre-requisite knowledge it serves for other examinable topics.

Exam Support:

Exam Support is the exam tip relevant to particular point of theory or calculation, such as how to gain easy marks, how to save time, how to do ensure accuracy, common mistakes to avoid etc


Example is explanation of theoretical knowledge by relating it to real world.


Illustration is numerical solution of a problem or scenario.


Explanation is given to help the understanding of calculation or formula.


Hyperlinks are given for easy navigation and time saving.

 ACCA F5 Table of Contents

  1. Activity Based Costing
  2. Life Cycle Costing
  3. Target Costing
  4. Throughput Accounting
  5. Environmental Accounting
  6. Relevant Costing
  7. Short Term Decision Making
  8. Cost Volume Profit Analysis
  9. Pricing Decisions
  10. Linear Programming
  11. Risk & Uncertainty In Decision Making
  12. Learning Curve Theory
  13. Forecasting
  14. Budgeting Systems
  15. Types Of Budgeting
  16. Basic Variance Analysis
  17. Mix & Yield Variances
  18. Planning & Operational Variance
  19. Financial Performance Measurement
  20. Non Financial Performance Measurement
  21. Transfer Pricing
  22. Behavioural Aspects Of Performance Measurement

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