Affiliate Marketing Vs Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per View (PPV) Contextual Advertising Programs/Networks



Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks provides clear accounting information for planning and controlling marketing campaigns for cost and effectiveness.

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per View (PPV) does not provide clear accounting information. Cost Per View (CPC) which affects the marketing cost of advertisers and publishers vary greatly with respect to keywords position, geo-location of visitor who clicked or viewed the advertisement at publisher website.

Pay Per Download model also contains the same issue.

Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks provides certainty to advertisers & publishers in terms of earnings that will be generated on completing agreed task such as sale. Affiliate Marketing Programs have fixed pre-determined commission for each sale made regardless of  geo-location of buyer.

Risk & Reward

Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks are less risky for advertisers as advertisers have to only pay commission after completing a sale. It means there will be no cash flows in advance.

Taking account of risk reduction, affiliate marketing involves payment of usually up to 50% commission per sale to affiliate marketers. Some affiliate marketing program/networks offer more than 50% such as ACCASUPPORT.COM offers 75% commission per sale through referral made by affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing is therefore a win-win deal for both advertisers and publishers.

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per View (PPV) programs/Networks are more risky for advertisers.

Pay Per Click or View Programs/Networks usually require up to $100 or more as initial deposit. If advertiser  particular small one does not get satisfied for any reason than he/she may find difficult to have full refund.

Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks do not carry the risk of frauds as in case of pay per click or view or download. Competitor may deliberately click on advertisements to consume competitors marketing budget and enjoy lower Cost Per Click (CPC) due to reduced competition. In addition, many publishers use sophisticated scripts or robots that automatically clicks on competitors ads whenever visitor arrives on competitor’s webpage without visitor getting aware of such malware. 

Growth & Cost

Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks allows advertiser to grow much faster than pay per click or view programs/networks. It is because, affiliate marketing does not involves cash outflow in advance; therefore, affiliate marketing campaigns can expanded to reach much larger number of visitors.

Pay Per Click or View Programs/Networks require cash outflow in advance; therefore, ability to reach number of visitors depends on marketing budget.

Referral made by affiliate marketer who may be recognized as expert among visitors has more likely to convert a visitor into sale than visitor received through advertisement.


Affiliate Marketing Program/Networks have affiliate marketers who have large number of visitors or eMailing list. It will enable advertiser to reach large number of visitors instantly rather than creating it own eMailing list that is built overtime. Affiliate Marketer may have eMailing list of high quality, which have already brought products through affiliate referral


Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks are much easy to learn & manage for advertisers. Affiliate Marketing Program/Networks does not involves learning keywords targeting, defining geo-location, setting upper limit to monthly or daily spending, bidding for keywords.

Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks does not compulsorily require creation of ads text based or banners. However, it is good practice to provide affiliate marketers with resources to attract more affiliate marketers and minimize the time & cost incurred by an affiliate marketer to promote advertiser’s products.

ACCASUPPORT.COM provides all neccessary resources such as banners, keywords list, useful websites, ebooks etc, so that even beginner can promote all 12 products fast and easy without investment to make money online.

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