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Why to promote products of ACCASUPPORT.COM as Affiliate Marketer?
Procedure to start promoting products at ClickBank Affiliate Marketing program
Affiliate Marketing resources to promote all products for Affiliate Marketers
Click link above to get free affiliate marketing support & resources (banners, free eBooks, keywords, useful websites, URL Shortening Service Online, sample webpage for promoting products etc)
How will i get paid by ACCASUPPORT.COM Affiliate Marketing program powered by ClickBank?

Why to promote these products as Affiliate Marketer

  1. Signup as an Affiliate Marketer is 100% free. No initial or subsequent investment & commission payable. All investment & commission expenses are borne by the ACCASUPPORT.COM
  2. Free demo products will allow you to look inside the products to promote them more effectively.
  3. ACCASUPPORT.COM do not place any ads and other payment options to provide affiliate fair chance to earn a commission.
  4. ACCASUPPORT.COM do not place our own links in exist popup window, to provide affiliates fair chance to earn a commission.
  5. ACCASUPPORT.COM only places order form link on sales/pitch page. ACCASUPPORT.COM do not place its own links at any of the page used for persuading visitors. Instead, we provide link to sales/pitch page to buy a product to provide affiliates fair chance to earn a commission.
  6. Make your website look as a place for getting free information rather than internet marketing website, which persuades visitors to buy particular product. Please your visitors by providing to free products. Free ebooks are watermarked and contains no more than 40% pages, if they have an intention to buy at all, then they will prefer to read ebooks without watermarks after evaluating free ebook.
  7. These products are very straight-forward. Therefore, it cannot produce any harm to your reputation among your visitors. has formal and clear privacy policy.
  8. These products are also very feasible product. Therefore, they have very good conversion rates.
  9. ACCASUPPORT.COM offers up to 75% commission, which is much more than commission offered by various affiliate programs, such as Amazon that pays only 15% per sale of an ebook.
  10. Zero refund rate till date as per ClickBank Statistics. has formal and clear policies for refunds, terms of service etc and FAQs on usage, pricing, technical requirements, delivery & step by step download procedure at “Thank You Page”. In addition, we resolve after sales customer inquires promptly to prevent refunds & chargebacks.
  11. ACCA related products are subject to very low level of competition among publishers. Therefore, you can easily start making money, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing.
  12. There are very few affiliates promoting these products. Therefore, it is very unlikely to loss commission due to other affiliate hoplink overwriting your cookie on visitor’s PC, laptop, mobile etc. Greater the number of affiliates for vendor products, lower the chances of getting rewarded. Signup to enjoy benefit of having fewer affiliates.
  13. ACCASUPPORT.COM currently have 11 products and others are coming soon. Therefore, you have a chance to get rewarded up to 11 times by refering visitor to pitch page only 1 time; as the same customer will purchase other products from ACCASUPPORT.COM.
  14. These products have very long lifecycle. Therefore, the efforts you make promoting these products will remain productive till long life.
  15. Testimonials under “Make Comments” page to provide social proof to your readers.
  16. You are provided necessary tools to help promote these products more easily & instantly. Free books are given to affiliate marketers to enable them to build e-mail list and drive more traffic to their websites/blogs through referrals. E-mail addresses then you can use to follow-up visitors to sell all related products.
  17. e-Mails are important to send target customer to vendors pitch page to refresh cookies stored on target customer PC, laptop, mobile etc. These cookies are used to identify affiliate information at the time of purchase. Longer the cookie will last higher the chances of earning commission.
  18. Most importantly affiliates will receive one-way BACK LINK from ACCASUPPORT.COM one of the DO-FOLLOW blogs every time 10th products sold from affiliate referral.
  19. You can also get one-way DO FOLLOW BACK LINK from ACCASUPPORT.COM home page & other pages by just submitting your testimonial containing your name, job title, web address and photo (appreciated).

clickbank vendor account for affiliate marketers

Procedure to start promoting these products at ClickBank Affiliate Marketing program

If you have existing clickbank affiliate nickname, then you can use the following hoplink. Please! replace AffiliateNickName with your clickbank affiliate nickname/login ID to claim your affiliate commission.

If not, then sign up with clickbank and login into your account.

HTML code for placing hyperlinks:

<a href=”>Click

You may replace >click Here<with any words you like.

Former one is useful when posting affiliate links to websites that do not allow HTML tags or markups.

Later one allow you to display anchor text (click Here) and hide the affiliate link from visitors. However, affiliate links will remain effective in both cases.

HTML code for placing affiliate links inside image.

<a href=><img border=”0″ src=”” width=”125″ height=”180″></a>

Change the border, height and width values according to your preference.

How will i get paid by ACCASUPPORT.COM Affiliate Marketing program powered by ClickBank?

You will be paid by either check, direct deposit, bank wire transfer. Direct deposits will only available after 2 checks.

Minimum payout ratio is $25. It means your account balance must be equal to $25 before being eligible to receive payments. In addition, you have to wait for payment until purchase will be made from 5 different debit/credit card numbers before first payment is released as per terms of service of ClickBank.

see  earning commission and getting paid
For more information see Affiliate help

For futher support, Please! contact at or

Send plain text message instantly from ACCASUPPORT.COM.

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