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Benefits of Short Links Service provided by ACCASUPPORT.COM

  • Hide Affiliate Links from Visitors to Prevent Commission Theft by Replacing Your Affiliate ID With His/Her Own
  • Shorten Long URL Created Using Google Analytics Campaigns
  • Create Easy to Share & Remember URLs in Social Networking Websites, eMails etc
  • Share Short Links to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.
  • Receive More Clicks By Creating Short Links That Are Meaningful To Visitors Particularly Interested in eCommerce, Business, Education etc Rather Than Meaning Less Short Links Which Can Be Seen As Spam


Copy images from home page by

Place cursor over image > Right click > Save as image (picture) > Save.


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Adjust values (numbers) for border, width and height as per your preferences.

It is recommended to keep width and height ratio same.

Works well with themes having white background.

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List of Keywords

List of keywords relevant to ACCASUPPORT.COM eBooks. Use these keywords for social bookmarking to spin title, description and tags.
Main Keyword – Sub-keywords (Decreasing order of importance in context of ebooks)

  • Affiliate Marketing – eBook, Training, Guide, Course or
  • Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Online Business, Online Promotion, Online Jobs, Work from Home, Freelance Jobs, Self-Employed Jobs, Fast Money, Easy Money, Earn Money, No/Zero/Without Investment Business
  • Ecommerce – eBook, Guide, Tutorial, Implementation, Training, Blueprint, Solution
  • Ebusiness- Ebook, Guide, Tutorial, Implementation, Training, Blueprint, Solution
  • Make-Money-Online – Ebook, Guide, Blueprint, Learn
  • Hedging – Funds, Foreign Exchange/Currency, Risk, Rate, Management, Forex, FX
  • ACCA – Study-Text, Study-Materials, Class-Notes, Course-Notes, Distance-Learning
  • Jobs Postings, Jobs Advertisements, Jobs Classifieds, Advertise Vacancies,

Complementary Keywords (Randomly)
Best, Most,  Top, Recommended, Featured, Free, Download, Online, Ebook, Website, Blog, Fast, Quick, Easy, Accounting & Finance (Jobs Only), United Kingdom, England, Britain, Ireland (Job Only).

List of Suitable Websites

It provides high quality targeted traffic by attracting those who have already some interest in reading ebook related to subject. Scribd is distinct from other ebook websites as it allows visitors to embed ebooks, which can create viral effect.

It provides high quality targeted traffic for Business 2 Business marketing. Placing links to Linkedin will automatically lead to links placed in Twitter account providing that you have link both accounts. Therefore, twitter is not mentioned separately.


Facebook is useful for placing large text as opposed to Linkedin and Twitter which are limited to 140 characters. In addition, you can place images, audio/videos, chat etc.

Other ebook sharing websites such as slideshare.net, google book partner program, and B2B website as above could be used to drive high quality targeted traffic.

Recommended ways to promote these ebooks

Create PDF file of articles relevant to ebook. Place your affiliate links in PDF file. Affiliate marketing via PDF will create viral marketing as other webmasters may offer your PDF file as free downloads from their website and visitors may send emails to their fellows.

Alternatively, you can send me email (see below) asking for creating a PDF file with your affiliate links place inside ebook

Upload PDF file containing your affiliate links to scribd.com and other similar online free ebook websites. You do not need to perform SEO on your site. You can take advantage of SEO of other websites as free source of affiliate marketing to earn commissions. Millions
of people visit such ebook stores to search for relevant ebooks. They are more likely to buy an ebook from your affiliate link, if they liked a free ebook provide by you.

If you do not have FTP account to allow downloads from your website or blog, then you may consider uploading to free file sharing service such as scribd, mediafire, rapidshare etc.

Social networking sites such as facebook, twitter etc for quick traffic. Please! Do not spam, it may result in suspension of relevant account. In that case, all your efforts may be lost. Some social networking sites have nofollow attribute; therefore, it will not provide you any backlink. Recommended social networking website for these ebooks are linkedin, facebook & twitter.

Paid or free blogs at blogspot.com (blogger.com), wordpress.com etc for long term traffic. Blogs are not useful for quick traffic as it requires SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive traffic, which takes time. Consider commenting on dofollow blogs. Please! Note that wordpress comment area is nofollow by default.

Offline promotion by telling fellows to download the ebooks using your affiliate link, which you have placed on social networking sites, forums, blogs etc.

Sample Webpage (Also See Screenshot of Affiliate Account of ACCASUPPORT.COM)

Use the similar approach for promoting ACCASUPPORT.COM products.

Screenshot of Affiliate Account of ACCASUPPORT.COM

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