Benefit of Ads Swap on Website Over Ads Swap in Email

Also Read Ad Swap Benefits

  1. Website ad banner swap results in reduced negotiation time, as it is long term agreement. Unlike, ads swap inside emails, it does not require setting up campaign again and again with both new and existing partners.
  2. Ads banner swap on website provides BackLink to both parties. However, partners can place nofollow tag, if they wish.
  3. Ad swap on website is non-technical. It does not require consideration, such as comparable mailing list, CTR, conversion rate etc.
  4. Ad swap on website do not require resources as in case of email, such as mailing list management software, autoresponder, server resources.
  5. Ad swap on website can be agreed with webmasters who do not have mailing list.
  6. Ads swap on website provides access to additional resources to visitors. It is common for visitors to be subscribed to 10 to 20 links.
  7. Website ad swap will not reduce your original visitors, as ad is not placed on squeeze page rather it is placed on download link page, after confirming subscription to your mailing list.
  8. Read more Benefits of Ads Swap on Website Over Ads Swap in Email

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