What is Finance Management? 
Why to do Financial Management?
Table of Contents of Financial Management
I have No Prior Knowledge of Financial Management. Can i Still Benefit from Financial Management eBook? 
Is it Worth Buying Financial Management eBook?

What is Financial Management?

Financial Management is managing financial resources considering financial and non financial factors such as wealth maximization, risk, stakeholders (shareholders, creditors, management etc) etc so the financial objectives of the business can be achieved efficient and effectively. It also involves ensuring the financial performance and position is in line with overall business objectives.

Why Financial Management is Necessary?

Financial resource, if not properly managed can create severe liquidity problems and losses. In practice, many companies went into liquidation due to lack of knowledge and skills to manage financial resources. Therefore, it is essential to spent some time and learn financial management techniques to reduce liquidity risk and losses.

If you have not enough budget or want save fee to hire a financial manager/consultant, then you can choose to do it yourself. However, even if you hire financial manager/consultant, then you must have suitable knowledge to find suitable financial manager/consultant, collaborate and review his/her work effectively. It is always advisable to obtain expert opinion, as incorrect Financial Management is one of the key cause of business failure.

Following are the table of contents for Financial Management eBook that you can use to management Financial resource for your own business. As you are better aware of the environment in which it operates and challenges involved in your business.

Table of Contents of Financial Management eBook

  1. Financial Management Function
  2. Financial Management Environment
  3. The Nature, Elements & Importance Of Working Capital
  4. Management Of Working Capital Elements
  5. Determining Working Capital Needs & Funding Strategies
  6. The Nature Of Investment Decisions & The Appraisal Process
  7. Non Discounted Cash Flow Techniques
  8. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Techniques
  9. Allowing For Inflation & Taxation In DCF
  10. Adjusting For Risk & Uncertainty In Investment Appraisal
  11. Specific Investment Decisions
  12. Short & Long Term Finance
  13. Internal Sources Of Finance & Dividend Policy
  14. Gearing & Capital Structure Considerations
  15. Finance For Small & Medium Sized Entities (SMEs)
  16. Estimating Cost Of Capital
  17. Relationship Between Cost Of Capital, Capital Structure & Investments
  18. Business Valuation Techniques
  19. Efficient Market Hypothesis
  20. Basics Of Financial Risk Management
  21. Hedging Techniques For Foreign Currency Risk
  22. Hedging Techniques For Interest Rate Risk

I have no prior knowledge can I still benefit from Financial Management eBook?

Financial Management eBook provides knowledge from zero. It assumes that reader has no prior accounting background. It is suitable for small & medium sized entities and entrepreneurs wishing to manage business more efficiently and effectively.

Financial Management is complex subject. Therefore, it simplifies the complexity by providing real life examples and diagrams.

It explains the pros & cons and circumstances in which each financial management strategy and techniques would be useful taking account of factors, such as cost, duration, suitability, risk, flexibility, feasibility etc. Therefore, you can choose best strategy according to your circumstances and risk appetite.

In addition, as a part of good practice free forums support is also available to readers of free or paid financial management ebook to ask for any clarifications needed regarding contents inside financial management ebook. It is to ensure readers get 100% maximum possible benefit from reading the book.

Is it worth buying Financial Management eBook?

You can download free ebook to make yourself satisfy that the investment in Financial Management eBook exceeds benefits. It is among one of the advantage you have by purchasing from ACCASUPPORT.COM that you are certain about the quality and quality of benefits from an eBook and start receiving benefits before purchasing ebook.

The cost of purchasing the Financial Management eBook is just one off. However, it will make you increase your earnings many fold till perpetuity due to more effective management of financial resources (cash, property, plant, equipment, receivables, inventory, payables etc) and reduction in cost of finance & risk achieved by using suitable source of finance.

No need to buy eReader device such as Kindle, Noox, Nexus etc, such as  Kindle costs from $69 to $139 in order to read kindle eBooks from Amazon.

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Financial Management eBook does NOT have any DRM protection to enforce copyrights. It is completely printable and allows sharing of Financial Management knowledge organization wide. Persons involved in sales, marketing and purchase needs to be aware of Financial Management techniques to understand the reports delivered by financial manager and take appropriate decisions such as accept/reject customer orders, selection of suppliers, pricing, duration of contract, credit terms etc.

Free Updates:

Financial Management eBook is specially designed for e-readers. ACCASUPPORT.COM does not have to maintain any stock. ACCASUPPORT.COM updates these ebooks as new financial models & techniques are developed.

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Financial Management eBook provides clickable cross-references to enable readers to quickly and easily reach to relevant place in an ebook.

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Financial Management eBook PDF Free Download

  • Author: Murtaza Lanewala
  • Full Financial Management eBook (Pages: 385)
  • Free Download (Pages: 130)
  • Read Online
  • Buying Price($52.99) only $4.99
  • 60 Days ClickBank Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
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