What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is referring products offered by different vendors to potential customers.

Affiliate marketer earns a commission for each sale made by his/her referral.

Why to do Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing do not require any start up cost. Affiliate marketer can signup to affiliate programs offered by individual vendors or participate in marketplace such as ClickBank® for free. Affiliate program do not require any signup cost and fee payable to affiliate program providers. All the costs associated with operating affiliate marketing program are borne by vendors. Some vendors go one step ahead by providing necessary tools and materials needed to promote affiliate products.

Affiliate marketers are usually given 50% or more commission per sale. It means affiliate marketer drives the majority of benefit from each sale without creating your own product and worrying about the product security.

It is the financial benefits discussed above. Affiliate marketing also has non-financial benefits as follows:

  1. Be your own boss. No risk of getting fired.
  2. Flexible timings. Work at your own pace. Take holidays, spend time with family & friends and resume to work when you want from where you left.
  3. 24/7 non stop business even when you are sleeping.
  4. Work from any where home, office, cybercafe etc.
  5. Instant startup.

Can Affiliate Marketing Provide Fast Money?

Affiliate marketer, such as students, households, professional etc can quickly signup to affiliate marketing program, such as ClickBank®, Shareasale® etc. Affiliate marketer can promote products to their existing and new contacts on social networking sites, forums and via offline marketing.

How much an Affiliate Marketer can Earn?

Affiliate marketing can earn you from few hundred dollars a month to 6 or 7 figure income depending on your experience and time available for marketing or budget. In the long term, affiliate marketing can become a big business, which can feed affiliate marketer until the rest of his/her life. There is no upper limit to which an affiliate marketer can earn. There are thousands of products to promote and millions of visitors each month uses internet and millions of new visitors are still coming each year.

Following is the table of contents for affiliate marketing ebook that you can use to start your career as successful affiliate marketer. It aims to make your journey fluent, fast & easy.

Table of Contents for Affiliate Marketing eBook



1 What Is Affiliate Marketing?
2 Why To Do Affiliate Marketing?
3 Types Of Affiliate Marketing Programs
4 How Affiliate Marketing Works?


1 Selecting Market Place Or Affiliate Program
2 How To Select Vendor/Affiliate Product?
3 Best Products For Affiliate Marketing


1 What is Market and Market Niche?
2 Market or Market Niche
3 Selecting Marketing Niche
4 What is Market Segment?
5 Market or Market Segment
6 Selecting Marketing Segment
7 Affiliate Marketing Strategies
8 Matching Internet Marketing Strategy with Affiliate Product
9 New Visitors or Existing Visitors
10 Risk
11 Know Your Customer
12 Purchase Cycle/Buying Funnel
13 Implications of Purchase Cycle for Keyword Selection


1 Choosing Keywords For Promotional Materials
2 Keywords Selection for Search Engine Optimization
3 Persuasive Copywriting
4 Best Content for Affiliate Marketing
5 Obtaining Promotional Contents
6 Securing Contents from Theft


1 Productivity Tools and Techniques
2 Outsource or Automate
3 Common Mistakes Made by Affiliate Marketers
4 Static Vs Dynamic IP Address
5 Proxy Servers
6 Meta Tags
7 Managing Performance as Affiliate


1 Affiliate Marketing for Vendors
2 In-house or Outsourcing Affiliate Program
3 How To Select Affiliate Program For Vendors
4 How To Attract High Quality Affiliates
5 Maintaining Relationship with Affiliates
6 How To Run In-House Affiliate Program
8 Setting Amount of Commission
9 Evaluating Affiliate Marketing Program

I have No Prior Knowledge of Affiliate Marketing, Can I Still Benefit from Affiliate Marketing eBook?

Affiliate marketing ebook provides step by step training from building basic knowledge of affiliate marketing to the use of more advanced affiliate marketing tools and techniques.

In addition, free forums support is also available to readers of free or paid affiliate marketing ebook to ask for any clarifications needed regarding contents inside affiliate marketing ebook. It is to ensure readers get 100% maximum possible benefit from reading the book.

How Affiliate Marketing eBook will Enable Me to Make Money Online Effectively?

It also provides step by step guidance in logical order to provide all relevant information to affiliate marketers without creating information overload which can limit you from starting his/her career as affiliate marketer. Internet is full of affiliate marketing blogs and websites all providing viewpoints regarding different aspects of affiliate marketing to make visitor lead to particular action without any explanation on to how it will influence the other areas of affiliate marketing and earnings.

You may have found numerous articles on traffic generation. However, most of the authors do not consider the primary objective of wealth creation. Growth in number of visitors is not necessarily mean proportionate growth in earnings. This ebook links affiliate marketing with your primary objective of wealth creation.

Some affiliate marketing strategies are complementary while some affiliate marketing strategies are conflicting in nature. Affiliate marketing ebook considers impact of affiliate marketing strategies on other areas of performance as affiliate marketer such as web design, internet marketing, content creation based on short term profitability, growth, risk, cost, time, skills and resources available etc.

It does not dictate affiliate marketer to adopt particular strategy. It enables affiliate marketer to explore options based on challenges involved in market niche and factors such as skills, resources, risk tolerance, profitability, growth etc.

It also provides guidance to vendors in order to setup their own affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketer may want to become a vendor to have number of affiliates promoting his/her product to increase his/her earnings many fold.

It provides references to free online services and softwares to increase affiliate marketing efficiency and effectiveness. ACCASUPPORT.COM do not obtain any financial and non-financial benefit except adds value to the affiliate marketing ebook by providing valuable resources to readers.

Is it Worth Buying Affiliate Marketing eBook?

You have an opportunity to look inside an affiliate marketing ebook before buying to ensure that Affiliate Marketing ebook is relevant to your needs. You can download free ebook to satisfy yourself that the benefits of affiliate marketing ebook exceeds cost. It is among one of the advantage you have by purchasing from ACCASUPPORT.COM that you are certain about the quantity and quality of benefits from an ebook and start receiving benefits before purchasing ebook.

The cost of purchasing the affiliate marketing ebook is just one off. However, it will make you increase your earnings many fold till perpetuity due to more considered affiliate marketing strategies from both financial and non-financial perspectives and time & cost reduction achieved by eliminating non-value added activities.

No need to buy eReader device such as Kindle, Noox, Nexus etc. Kindle costs from $69 to $139 in order to read kindle ebooks from Amazon.

ClickBank Vendor Account for Affiliate Marketers

Above ClickBank® account status shows the quality of services; both before and after sales services provided by ACCASUPPORT.COM to its members. Earnings and number of visitors provided by one page website owners as proof of product quality only shows quantity of services rather than quality of services.

Many one page website owners with one product used to show earnings and number of visitors snapshots. Do not be fooled by these guys. Technically, they are right, but effectively the snapshot they provide are rather misleading. Absolute figures do not tell the efficiency with which time and money were used to generate such number of visitors and earnings. In other words, these website owners do not tell the time and money invested to get the result.


Business generating $200,000 per year by investing $100,000 do not mean a healthy business. Instead, business generating $200,000 per year by investing $10,000 is a healthy business, as it is generating 20 times more earnings on money invested. In former case, business is only generating 2 times more earnings on money invested.

Rest of the $90,000 could be invested elsewhere to generate more earnings. 

Affiliate Marketing Training Guide to Make Money Online Working from Home Without Investment

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Affiliate marketing is complex and dynamic in nature. New products and new ways of doing affiliate marketing are constantly emerging. Therefore, i update this ebook on continuous basis. As a part of good practice, ACCASUPPORT.COM provides new volume of affiliate marketing ebook free of any extra cost.

No DRM Protection:

Affiliate marketing ebook PDF (Portable Document Format) can be viewed using free adobe reader and has no DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection. Therefore, you can use this ebook on multiple computers at the same time and allow your employees to access this affiliate marketing ebook, which will enable you to spread knowledge of affiliate marketing across the whole organization. It will promote coordination and motivation, as all employees will know the impact of their task on other areas of affiliate marketing and overall performance.


Affiliate marketing ebook provides clickable cross-references to enable readers to quickly and easily reach to relevant place inside an ebook.

Other features are printer friendliness, mobile friendliness, annotation, contrast colors & background, readout loud, eco-friendly etc.

Affiliate Marketing Guide eBook step-by-step tutorial

  • Author: Murtaza Lanewala
  • Full Affiliate Marketing eBook (Pages: 99)
    Buying Price ($52.99) only $9.99
  • 60 Days ClickBank Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
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  • Affiliate Marketing Training Guide eBook Buy

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