ClickBank® Credit Card Processing & Affiliate Program Provider

  1. ClickBank® is well-established credit card processing company established in since 1998.
  2. ClickBank® is market leader in digital downloads including recurring subscription based product. ClickBank® also allows physical or tangible shippable media products.
  3. ClickBank® allows receiving payments via all major debit & credit cards such as VISA, Master, Discovery, American Express etc. In addition, it has integration with PayPal. ClickBank has single step & secured order form with digital certificate from reliable digital certificate provider McAfee & Norton. Order form can be customized to increase conversion rates.
  4. ClickBank® has arrangement for upselling and downselling both digital or downloadable and shippable products to maximize your revenue from a single customer.
  5. ClickBank® has most popular affiliate program on internet having thousands of affiliate marketers to promote products listed in marketplace.
  6. ClickBank® also have dispute resolution center to avoid chargebacks. Chargebanks lead to penalty of minimum $18 or higher depending on internet merchant account provider.
  7. Signup fee is only payable after approval. Therefore, it does not bear any risk of losses due to disapproval.
  8. ACCASUPPORT.COM also uses ClickBank® for both digital and recurring subscription based products.

You can signup to ClickBank® marketplace at However, if you signup! using ACCASUPPORT.COM referral link, you will receive eCommerce eBook & Affiliate Marketing eBook (for Affiliate & Vendors) orginally costing £19.98 0r $30 for absolutely FREE.

To become eligible for bonus clickhere: ClickBank®

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