Ethics is the behavior required by the society and compliance with law. It includes compliance with environmental and social responsibilities which the society fails to held accountable or unable to held accountable due to technical knowledge of a profession.

Confidentiality – respecting the privacy of individuals, Not using personal and business information for personal advantage and help others to gain an advantage, unless disclose in the public interest. Public interest is information, which non-disclose can harm the society and environment and result in legal infringement.

Continuous Learning & Development – keeping knowledge and skills up to date, to be able to provide better quality services and undertaking any those assignments for which sufficient experience and resources are available.

Professional Behavior & Due Care – exercising care during the performance of duties, avoiding behavior which can discredit the profession and other professionals.

Fair Treatment – treating everyone equally regardless of income group, race, Geo-location, complexion, religion etc.

Integrity – completeness, straight-forwardness and honesty.