Hi, Please! Raise your voice against the injustice with ACCA Students, Affiliates and Members in Pakistan, as we are not allowed to provide Audit and Assurance Engagement Services to clients in Pakistan despite of the fact that ICAP (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan) and ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) both are registered professional body of Accountants from IFAC (International Federation of Accountants). It suggests that both have equal status. ACCA has Long Established Background of over 100 years and experience of providing Audit Services Globally over 190 Countries. Now it is the time to Fight against the Discrimination against ACCA Students, Affiliates and Members by ICAP, as it is very unethical approach to prevent ICAP’s shrinking market share over the past years. If ACCAs are allowed to perform Audit, then it will increase the quality of Audit & Assurance Service in Pakistan due to Broken Monopoly and Improved Competition in Audit & Assurance Industry. ACCA should not only be allowed to provide Audit Services but also offered equal Reward and Respect for similar roles.

If ICAP do not have faith in 100s of other Chartered Accountancy qualifications in the world, then it should put at least faith in ICMAP which is local qualification of Pakistan as I think ICMAP is by no means inferior than ICAP qualification. United Kingdom which is best known for financial services in the world has 5 RSB (Recognized Supervisory Board)  ICAEW, ICAS, ICAI, ACCA and AAPA. ICAP has no concern for the promotion of financial service industry of Pakistan, it just want to preserve its own interests. Even ICAP has no concern for it innocent students and members. please read ICAP uncovered.

My voice is reinforced by the fact that ICAP forced Audit Firms not to Recruit ACCA Students, Affiliates and Members, if they want to remain Approved Employer for ICAP, which was later rebut by Court Verdict.

I have sent an email to IFAC and CCP (Competition Commission of Pakistan) by copy/paste my above post at (IFAC Membership & Quality Controller) and at (ChairWomen of Competition Commission Pakistan) respectively. Kindly you people do the same. This will make IFAC and CCP realize that it is worth taking action against the ICAP. ICAP will be in no position but to accept IFAC and CCP decision and apologize ACCA Students, Affiliates and Members for its unethical conduct.

Thank you,
Murtaza Lanewala
Founder, CEO, Writer & Tutor

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