June 2016 ACCA F6 Exam Tips by BPP
Section A
15 multiple choice questions worth 2 marks each. The MCQs will largely be knowledge based and will balance out the questions in Section B to make sure that all aspects of the syllabus are examined. You should expect the administrative aspects of F6 (self-assessment filing, payment deadlines, penalties etc for both individuals and companies) to feature a little more than was the case before.

Section B
Q1 – Q4: Four 10 mark questions. The questions will be broken down into sub requirements and may also be based on a short scenario.
Areas expected to be tested in questions 1 to 4 include property income, pensions, a range of capital gains calculations (chattels, part-disposals, use of capital losses and business reliefs), inheritance tax (death tax on lifetime gifts and/or death estate) and value added tax (schemes for small businesses).

Q5 & Q6: Two 15 mark questions which will be broken down into sub requirements and be scenario based. One of the questions will test a range of aspects of income tax (likely to be employment income and/or trading income) and the other question will cover corporation tax. Capital allowances are likely to feature in one of these questions.

F6 has the following syllabus areas:
A The UK tax system and its administration
B Income tax and national insurance contributions
C Chargeable gains for individuals
D Inheritance tax
E Corporation tax liabilities
F Value added tax

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