Performa Statement of Financial Position

as on period ended 31 Dec 2017

  Notes   $(000) $(000)
Non-current assets        
Property, plant & equipment 11 xx    
Less: depreciation   (xx)   xx
Development expenditure     xx  
Good will     xx  
Total non-current assets       xx
Current asset        
Inventory     xx  
Account receivables 12 xx    
Less: allowance for receivables   (xx) xx  
Prepayments     xx  
Cash     xx  
Total current assets       xx
Total Assets       xx
Long term liability        
Long term bank loan 13   xx  
Loan notes     xx  
Total long term liability       xx
Short term liability        
Dividend payable     xx  
Income tax payable     xx  
Sales tax payable     xx  
Account payables     xx  
Overdraft     xx  
Total current liability       xx
Total Liability       xx
Issued share capital 14   xx  
Share premium     xx  
Revaluation reserve     xx  
Retained earnings     xx  
Total Equity       xx
Total Liability & Equity       xx



It contains references to notes to the financial statements where breakup and calculation for particular line of item is shown.

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