Selecting Credit Card Processing Company

Following point should be considered before selecting a credit card processing company. Credit card processing company is also called payment gateway. In practice, Internet merchant account and gateway services are provided by single company.

  1. Industries supported by credit card processing company, such as education, health & fitness, financial services etc.
  2. Initial signup cost & policies for refund in case disapproval by credit card processor.
  3. Ability to sell type of products you have planned to offer, such as digital downloads, membership site and tangible or shippable products.
  4. Ability to accept major credit cards (VISA, Master, American Express, Disover) and third part integration, such as intergration with PayPal.
  5. Fee structure of credit card processing. Fixed monthly payment is good for high sales volume products and products having stable sales demand. Per sale basis is good for low sales volume products and products having volite sales demand.
  6. Payout threshold – payout threshold is the requirement to reach minimum account balance to receive payments.
  7. Modes of payment such as bank wire transfer (T/T), credit card, check etc and charges for dispatching payments.
  8. Dispute resolution center to minimize chargeback and associated penalties
  9. Ability to customize order form to integrate with website.
  10. Easy integration of order form and not requiring to fill unneccessary fields by buyers. Increase in number of fields to fill & number of steps to perform can make buyers quit the purchase or reconsider their buying decision.
  11. Ability to run your affiliate program without worrying to hire affiliate manager to recruit affiliates and monitor payments.
  12. Analytical information to boost sales via efficient resource allocation.
  13. ClickBank® is the credit card processing company having all the above features and is selected by ACCASUPPORT.COM for credit card processing. Read more about ClickBank® at

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