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Jun 082013
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ACCA Teachers or Sirs at Abeel School of Accountancy ASA


  • F1 Accountant in Business (AB) M.Kamran | Jarrar Hashmi
  • F2 Management Accounting (FM) Ahmed Shafi
  • F3 Financial Accounting Int (FA) Abeel Ahmed | Malik Saad
  • F4 Corporate & Business Law (CB) Barr.Khurram Rashid
  • F5 Performance Management (PM) Abeel Ahmed | Ahmed Shafi
  • F6 Taxation (TX) M.Kamran | Abeel Ahmed | Malik Saad
  • F7 Financial Reporting Int (FR) Abeel Ahmed
  • F8 Audit & Assurance (AA) M.Kamran | Ahmed Saad | Jarrar Hashmi
  • F9 Financial Management (FM) Abeel Ahmed | Ahmed Shafi
  • P1 Governance, Risk & Ethics (GRE) Barr.Khurram Rashid
  • P2 Corporate Reporting (CR) Abeel Ahmed
  • P3 Business Analysis (BA) Saad Masud
  • P4 Advanced Financial Management (AFM) Abeel Ahmed
  • P5 Advanced Performance Management (APM) Ahmed Shafi | Malik Saad
  • P6 Advanced Taxation (ATX) M.Kamran
  • P7 Audit & Assurance (AAA) Ahmed Saad

Sharing is Caring

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