Job Advertisements

Advertisers are in of breach of relevant laws & regulations can have their right of receive services revoked, until they are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, such as employment legislation, anti-discrimination legislation etc.

Job advertisement service is related to Accounting & Finance Jobs. Advertisements cannot compel ACCASUPPORT.COM to advertise jobs having  job title, job description, person specification etc, which is not relevant to accounting and finance employees as per standards of industry in which advertisers operates.

ACCASUPPORT.COM is not obliged to refund payments to advertisers who are in breach of terms of service.

ACCA Distance Learning Support

ACCA Student must read the study material before asking for tutor support. If student has not read the relevant study materials then ACCASUPPORT.COM is not obliged to provide tutor support for that specific request.

ACCA Student should not violate the registration agreement of Forums. Repeat attempts can lead to temporary or permanent ban regardless, they are paid member or not. In case of gross misconduct such as violation of law & regulations, human rights etc will result in immediate ban. Banned paid members can then only get email support.

ACCASUPPORT.COM is not obliged to refund payments to students who are in breach of terms of service.


By registering at forums and other places, user allows us to send emails containing promotional and other contents. User also accepts the risk of receiving same emails multiple times, malfunctioning of system as a result of email and other errors and omissions.  In all case, user cannot held liable ACCASUPPORT.COM and its administrators for financial, non-financial, mental anxiety faced.

All terms of service included in disclaimer also applies.