Today i went to University of Karachi, Pakistan with my 67 years old mother who cannot walk without stick to submit registration form for M.A Economics external candidate. When i reach at the gate, security guard was leisurely talking on the cell phone in the duty hours. So he told me to use another gate to enter in the University of Karachi, Pakistan. I obey his instruction and went to another gate. I travelled very long distance on my motor bike but i did not found any gate where University of Karachi is written. So i took a U-turn and saw car entering from the same gate. I also entered from that gate and stopped my bike and told him that he is talking on the cell in duty hours and not providing this services to students. He replied very rudely while touching my chest and shoulder. Meanwhile another security guard came and talking very arrogantly and rudely that take your bike out of the gate of university of Karachi, Pakistan. I replied that my mother is very old age and cannot walk till admin block as it is more than 1km far from University of Karachi gate. He hit me on my temple twice as a result his middle figure got broken. Allah (God) has teached him a lesson. But the security guards have no shame and they were laughing when my mother was crying and begging them not to hit me. In addition, lady guards are also complicit in this act, as they were preventing female students from intervening who were trying to save me and my mother. On the other hand male students are afraid enough as they knew that same will happen to them also, if they intervene. As they might be internal student of University of Karachi, Pakistan.

Please! Make this post viral. I will be very grateful to you. I also thank to Pakistani Media many many times that they supported me and allowed to raise my voice against these blue collar criminals.

I think acquiring education is a crime in Karachi, Pakistan because students and their parents are being punished by illiterate guards.

Thank you,
Murtaza Lanewala

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