Web Wesign CheckList for Designing First WebSite

Who is your target audience and how will you reach them? How will you collect your customers information?
What product or service will you offer? How will you automate portions of your business?
Is there a market for your product or service? Where will you find the scripts you need?
Will you sell affiliate products or services? What types of scripts will you use? CGI, JavaScript?
How will you design your website? Will you write your HTML code or use an HTML editor? Will you need to hire a professional to write your scripts?
How will your website be navigated? Will you use links, buttons or a script? Will you edit and install your own scripts or hire a professional?
How will you optimize your web pages for the search engines? What kind of computer software will you need?
What type of graphics will your website use? Where will you find the software?
Where will you obtain your graphics? Will you hire a graphics designer? How will you decide on a domain name?
What graphic formats will you use — GIF, JPG? How will you register a domain name?
What fonts will you use? Which are the most legible
on a computer screen?
How will you launch your website on the Internet?
How will you design your website for different screen sizes? What should you look for in a quality web host?
How will you design your website for different web browsers? How will you upload your files to your web server?
How will you optimize your graphics? Should your files be uploaded in binary or ASCII
How will you make your web pages load more quickly? Will you publish an ezine?
What type of content will your website offer? How will you collect your visitors’ email addresses?
Where will the content come from? How will you send out mailings?
How will you gain your visitors’ trust? How will you drive traffic to your website?
How will you build your credibility? How will you advertise your products and services?
Will you write your own sales copy or hire a copywriter? How will you test your advertising?
How will you accept payment through your website? Will you offer an affiliate program?
How will you process your orders? How will you run your affiliate program?
How will you deliver your products or services? How will you market and promote your website?

Download Web Design Guide to Get the Anwser to Above Questions

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