Choosing Web Hosting Company

Choosing web hosting company needs the following considerations at minimum:

Location of web server

Location of web server affects the speed of web page realized by your visitors. Nearer the webserver location from your visitors, more speed of website will be. Speed is important to decrease bounce rate and it is considered by Google as major factor for ranking websites.

Price & Payment Terms

Price per MB of Bandwidth is the next most important factor. It is not worthwhile to host website which is not profitable. Payment terms should be flexible, such as monthly payments, automatic re-subscription to avoid bothering for payment every end of the month, ability to get refunds etc.

Availability of Services in Future

It is very irritating and difficult to change web hosting provider. Not only it takes time to re-configure scripts and other settings (.htaccess, transfer database, ftp, email, re-map domain etc), but it also takes time to learn new web hosting control panel and website support system to obtain relevant information.

Web hosting company should have sufficient experience and sound future prospects to provide you good quality service until foreseeable future.

Support 24/7

Web hosting company should have 24/7 support via variety of means, such as email, voice chat, phone call etc. In addition, if you are a beginner, then ability to easily install scripts, such as blog, joomla, MyBB, PHPlist etc via automatic installers is of much importance to allow you get started easily and rapidly.

Domain Name & Web Hosting Service Provider for Personal, Business, Corporate & Enterprise Level Customers

Lonex© is a professional web hosting company, established since 2002. It is renowned for providing complete range of services, such as reseller web hosting, dedicated servers, VPS hosting, domain name hosting etc at affordable rates and reliably.

Lonex© has web servers in United States, United Kingdom and Australia to provide choice to clients depending on the Geo location they want to target.

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