What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is B2B online business in which affiliate marketer gets commission from direct seller for each sale made as a result of its online marketing efforts.

What are the Benefits & Limitations of Affiliate Marketing?

Start up Time

Affiliate marketing can be done by signing up to related affiliate marketing program within minutes. However, time to earn adequate money depends on marketing strategy used to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing does not definitely need website or blog hosting and therefore, website promotion and SEO.

Affiliate marketing can be done on already search engine optimized websites such as social bookmarking websites, discussion boards, article publishing and PDF publishing, Email advertising etc.

Management Time

Affiliate marketing needs time depending on the amount of money you want. Amount of money is directly correlated to the quantity of products being sold by vendors due to your affiliate marketing efforts.

Start up Cost

Start up cost to carry out affiliate marketing is usually zero.

Future Cost

Future Cost of affiliate marketing is subject to the strategy of affiliate marketing selected.

It is suggested to establish a website or blog to keep your affiliate marketing efforts fruitful until long term.


Affiliate marketing is subject to high rivalry. Affiliate marketer will be competing against other affiliates marketing products relevant to identical market niche as well as other publishers trying to rank high in search engines results by performing search engine optimization.

Precise standard of rivalry depends on the market niche picked and keyword phrases chosen to market specific product.

Knowledge & Resources

Affiliate marketing needs knowledge of fundamental HTML programming to place links on websites or blogs and marketing strategies.

Resources are given by many vendors such as images, suitable marketing strategies for their products, product benefits, description etc. Affiliate marketer could consider contacting vendor to obtain required information for his/her product to carry out affiliate marketing more conveniently.


Affiliate marketing enables affiliate marketer to grab knowledge, skills and experience to subsequently implement other means to make money online such as direct selling.

Affiliate marketing does not make you an proprietor of a product to augment your business presence or curriculum vitae.


Affiliate marketing can be carried out in many ways suitable to your skills, times and earning needs.

Affiliate marketing can be carried out using handheld devices such as cell phones, tablets in addition to laptops and PCs.

Affiliate marketer can take break from affiliate marketing to comply with social commitments without negatively affecting former attempts. However, affiliate marketing strategy an affiliate marketer chooses eventually decides his/her liberty.

Attention: if you subscribe as affiliate at, then ACCASUPPORT.COM will give you essential knowledge and resources such as ebooks, keyword phrases list, banners, promotional plan, quality backlinks etc to make money through affiliate marketing. In addition, ACCASUPPORT.COM will supply affiliate marketer with free updates through email messages, which are provided to affiliate marketers to conduct affiliate marketing more fruitfully.


Affiliate marketing is usually considered 2nd most rewarding online business next to direct selling.

Affiliate marketing does not need any financial investment to get started. There are websites providing affiliate marketing programs such as®, which provides up to 75% commission income to affiliate marketers without demanding any commission for signing up. ACCASUPPORT.COM offers 75% commission to affiliate marketers, which is highest percentage fixed by ClickBank affiliate program (Market Leader in Affiliate Program).

Affiliate marketing is more hazardous form of pay per click or lead model. Affiliate marketer gets commission whenever sale completes. However, in pay per click model, publisher (you) earns commission whenever visitor clicks on hyperlink placed on website.

Affiliate marketer gets a benefit to subsequently market its own goods or services as direct seller utilizing his/her expertise obtained as an affiliate marketer.

Life of affiliate marketing benefits depends on financial strength of vendor. If vendors discontinues his/her product that affiliate marketer is or gets bankrupt, then affiliate marketing benefits will be finished for that product.

However, if affiliate marketer has his/her personal website or blog, then affiliate marketer can avoid this hazard by putting hyperlinks to his/her website or blog extremely than to vendors website. Affiliate marketer has a benefit to obtain email Ids of audience to chase and convince audience in much versatile way to click on affiliate product links direct audience towards vendor website.

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