What Is Domain Name, Sub Domain and Top Level Domain Name
Domain name is also called fully qualified domain name (FQDN). Domain is user friendly name of IP address. IP address is numerical address, which is difficult to remember. Therefore, domain name is used to facilitate visitors so that they can use easy and meaningful alphanumeric address.
IP address of my computer might be However, it is rather difficult to remember than , which is meaningful and easy to remember than

IP address is unique address assigned to a computer, when it connects to internet or local network. Computers connected to internet or local network are recognized via IP address. Domain name points to visitors requesting the information to an IP address.

In the above example www is the sub domain name, accasupport is domain name and com is top level domain name. www is sub domain name assigned to each domain name by default. Unlimited number of sub domains can be created free of cost. However, domain name needs to be purchased from domain name registrar. Initially, com domain were created, but different top level domain were created to reflect to nature of website such as org for organization, gov for government, net for network etc.

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